Getting Ready to Audition


I auditioned for a pro dance team once. The audition had three different stages. The first stage was technique, the second was hip hop, and the third was advanced hip hop.

Being the Trina Ballerina that I am, I definitely failed miserably at the first hip hop round. Granted, I went in with this faux attitude, “Oh, if I get it great, if I don’t then OH WELL!” Ha. My ego was so bruised, I was determined to better myself.

Since then, I’ve gotten my current, highly coveted position at my theme park (not sarcasm. There were over 100 girls vying for maybe 30 spots) and honestly, the extra oomph that helped me shine was probably from my experience auditioning for that pro team. I was big and flashy and I swirled my hair around using patented Hairography style. Ego bruise to ego boost! *thumbs up*

Anyways, I have 2-4 big auditions I’m preparing for. The first one coming up is on July 2 and it’s for a local modern dance company that I have loved since moving here. I have taken a few classes with their second company and it was a rude awakening. I’ve been taking classes and strengthening myself up since then but woo boy! I’ve got an uphill battle ahead of me.

Then, I told myself that if I don’t get in, then I will definitely audition for another pro team. It’s an Ice Angel/Ice Girl situation, which I feel confident about because I quit dance when I was younger to play peewee hockey (no joke, I really did) so I know I can ice skate and dance. However, I have to lose weight. Blah.

I’m not fat but I’m definitely not pro-team size. So I’ve been doing the Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred and working out and taking hip hop classes, blah blah. Yeah. And if I don’t get into that team, there’s another minor league hockey league I can audition for.

Finally, if I don’t get in for that, there’s always my theme park’s next holiday, which is Halloween. Those auditions are beginning of August. I have an advantage since I’ll be a returning performer. I’m excited. I’m also planning on taking a voice lesson or two in order to also audition as a singer. I love having a plan.

But my most exciting moments are SHOPPING FOR AUDITION OUTFITS! Being a poor starving artist sucks so the splurge moments are super exciting for me. Don’t judge.

More to-do’s coming as I figure them out.


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  1. my voice lessons were given to me by my aunt who also teaches some amateur pop singers to improve their voices .:”

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