Three More Days to Go


Audition #1, (hopefully the ONLY audition I’ll have to go to) is in three days. I’ve been prepping with ballet and modern classes but I’ve also been trying to work out outside of dance.

I hate working out and a surprising number of my dance friends also hate working out, even the itty bitty ones. I can see why, though. Repetitious activities bore me which is probably why I never saw the inside of a gym until I hit my sophomore year of college.

Anyways, I started with Exercise TV’s 10 lbs. Slimdown. It’s free on my cable’s On Demand feature. I did Day 1 which was just upper body. Its alright. It’s circuit based and is a little over 20 minutes long. I glistened slightly (as opposed to sweat) but maybe I need to up the weight on my dumbbells. I do like Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred but I wanted to check this one out. As of right now, the Shred is a little bit more intense but tomorrow, the 10 lbs Slimdown calls for two workouts in one day: Lower Body and Core. We’ll see what happens then.

Then at least if I fail this audition (which I won’t), I’ll hopefully be skinny enough to audition for the million pro dance teams I’ll be desperately auditioning for.


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