T-minus 16 Days Until Audition #2


I have been working my tushie off (literally) for audition #2. It’s a pro dance/cheer team so of course, I had to shed some pounds. I’m now 6 lbs lighter and very excited.

I have also had to take plenty of hip hop and pro-league prep classes. Oh my gosh, I never knew what I was missing when I refused to take hip hop classes. It’s absolutely fabulous! Musical, hard hitting, heart pumping… I have a new found love for hip hop.

Although, I could do without all the hairography. My neck has been so sore from doing so many hair flips. I know it looks sexy, but seriously?
(Sidenote: There’s a whole Dance Spirit article about it.)

Hopefully it’s all worth it. I am working so hard and I know that in the end, I can accomplish whatever I put my mind to.


One Response to “T-minus 16 Days Until Audition #2”

  1. Yeah! I really liked to dance on HipHop music. it really helps to keep your heart in shape when you get older. Did you try dancing on techno music too ? Its just like CRAZY!

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