A Year Later and I’m Still No Better?


Last year, I didn’t blog about some of my auditions out of embarrassment and a lack of time. This year, I’m even more embarrassed but a little less shy about it.

Today, I went to an audition for an NBA pro dance team. These auditions are all about looks. You have to have the right look. Big hair, pretty face, lean body, and practically no clothing on.

The way the cuts work is Round 1 is a “freestyle.” Rounds 2 and 3 are choreography rounds. If you make it past Round 3, you come back the next day for “Finals” which has you pitted up against the veterans. If you pass Finals, you get invited to “Training Camp” where they test you out in a rehearsal setting. If you make it through that without getting cut, you are on the team.

Last year, I was cut at Round 1.

I thought I was more prepared this year. I was more physically fit, I had taken more classes… I felt like I had it in the bag. That was a negative. I was still cut at Round 1. Maybe it was my look. Maybe it was because my shorts were starting to slide down (I’ve been losing a lot of weight for these auditions).

Well, I always think of this as my tryout audition for the real team that I’m hoping to make. In two weeks, I will be auditioning for a hockey pro dance team. Here’s to hoping that with better fitting shorts and two more weeks to slim down and tone up that i will not get cut 1st Round.


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